Jupyter distinguished contributor, Member of the Jupyter Widgets and NumFOCUS DISC steering council


  • Experience working on a large codebases with distributed teams
  • Extensive experience with Git, Bash, Unix tools, Continuous Integration
  • Passionate about open source, communities and technology that will make the world a better place

Work experience

Subject Matter Expert

Jun 2022 - Present
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Working with the Ethos of Open Science team.

Software Engineer III

May 2022 - Present
Anaconda Inc.

Working in the PyScript project. Developing code and community.

Technologies: Python, WASM, Javascript

Guest Lecturer

Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Harvard University

Invited by the LSSTC-DSFP program to teach Astronomy grad students subjects OOP, performance for scientific software and open science and reproducible science.

The classes were based in Harvard, I'm not connected or part of Harvard's professor corpus.

Scientific Software Engineer

Feb 2020 - Apr 2022

Integrated the Cytoscape to the Jupyter Ecosystem as a widget[1]. Created C++ kernels to run SQLite[2] and later on general SQL code[3] with data visualization built-in in the Jupyter Notebook. Developed a package manager for R that's 25x faster than CRAN[4] and a deprecation finder for JupyterLab that runs on static code based on Memestra[5]. I also wrote an article on different jupyter notebooks visualizations[6]. Extensily contributed to Mamba, an OS agnostic package manager written in C++.

[1] Interactive Graph Visualization in Jupyter with ipycytoscape
[2] A Jupyter kernel for SQLite
[3] An SQL solution for Jupyter
[4] Rhumba: a faster R distribution
[5] Memestra!
[6] Looking at notebooks from a new perspective

Technologies: Python, C++, Typescript, Javascript, CMake, CI, git, Multiplatform

Software Developer

Sep 2019 - Dez 2019 (3 months contract)
The Qt Company

Responsible for maintaining and building new features for PySide (the Python bindings for Qt). Developed the "Default" menu and templates for PySide on QtCreator. Addressed bugs and worked on overall housekeeping activities in the PySide repository and community. Wrote documentation and a Qt to PySide code converter, a tool that automatically translate docs from Qt to PySide2.

I published an article in the official Qt page about a demo I've developed to show the interaction with PySide, QML and Python machine learning libraries in the QtCon Berlin - 2019.

You can check part of my contributions here.

Technologies: Python, C++, QML, NLP, git, Jira

Web Performance Intern

Dez 2018 - Feb 2019

Cut the average loading time of the Webcompat website by 35% by using server-side rendering, HTTP/2 and better compression algorithms.

Using tests designed on Selenium I was able to track down some performance bottlenecks and decrease the page load time by 1s in low-speed mobile connections.

Removed embedded JS libraries that weren't necessary while making some small changes to the code base to keep the same behaviour.

Worked on some small patches for Firefox that are available on my bugzilla profile.

Technologies: Backbone, Jinja, NodeJS, Backbone, Flask, nginx, Jquery, git, Phabricator, Python, Javascript, Selenium

Fullstack Developer

Jul 2018 - Oct 2018

Integrated the company's chatbot system with several Whatsapp APIs (unofficial and official ones). Added new simple functionalities to the chatbot. Designed and implemented a metrics dashboard including the backend. Modernization and optimization of the API.

Technologies: Python, Javascript, NodeJS, Flask, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Express, Docker, MySQL, Agile methodology, MVC

Scientific Research in Data Science

Mar 2018 - Jun 2018
Computer Science Department - UFMG

As an electrical engineering student with focus on computer science I started, alongside Dr. Flavio Figueiredo, a research using data extracted from Github's Google BigQuery profile that aimed to show correlations between the patterns of interaction of users in open source community and the language that these users used and were exposed to.

Technologies: Python(numpy, matplotlib, pandas), Sentiment analysis tools(VADER), data scraping

IT support

Feb 2018 - Jun 2018
Math Department - ICEX/UFMG

Responsible for maintaining the department's website, servers and network.

Technologies: Ubuntu server, Wordpress, Network

Electronic technician

Jun 2017 - Jan 2018
Autobotz UFMG

Worked on several libraries to control Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and BeagleBoards for our competition robots.

Developed and designed the team's website using Hugo.

Technologies: C, Python, Go, Hugo


Jan 2021 - Currently contributing here
Women of Color Code

I'm both a metor and a co-organizer for this project.

This program seeks to unite WoC and other members of minoritized groups, to battle feelings of isolation and marginalization that are prevalent in educational institutions and industry settings. Women of Color Code is an initiative funded by AstroPy.

Aug 2021 - Currently contributing here
PyLadies Berlin

I'm a co-organizer of PyLadies Berlin.

We organise monthly meetups for female Python developers and offer a support network to help connect them to the wider industry.

I've also offered a few Python talks for the group that can be found here.

Feb 2022 - Currently contributing here
ReDI Berlin

I'm a mentor for the ReDI program.

ReDI is a non-profit tech school for locals and newcomers without access to digital education. We offer our students high-quality coding and basic computer courses in combination with a unique career program as well as the chance to collaborate with the start-up and digital industry.


B.Eng in Electrical Engineering - Incomplete

Ago 2015 - Dez 2019
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

The focus of my degree was in math, philosophy and computer science. I haven't completed the bachelors program.

Worked as a voluntary English teacher, coding teacher and designed several marketing materials for NGOs incubated in the University that were giving back to the community in many different ways.