A new design for a psychonaut girl

I’ve been wanting to change my website’s design for quite a long time now. It’s an old design and it doesn’t represent who I am anymore. I’m tired of this super pink 🌟 corny thing (ugh).


I think design is super cool but unfortunatly I never took the time to study it so I’m not great at it and the best way I found to create something new was to get a lot of references from people who are awesome at creating stuff.

Because I think my currently website is *too MUCH* I wanted to implement a more minimalist thing this time. I’ve been flirting a lot with geocities, 90’s, oldschoolishy designs and I want to get a result as cool as Jenn’s site by the end of this project. So I have a lot of confusing design ideas in my head (because let me tell you, it’s not easy to abstract the beauty on geocities websites’ designs) and fortunately I remembered a project I contributed to a couple of years ago called Beyond Activismo. They have this awesome logo:


And by the time I contributed they had a video that showed their logo drawing itself, like completing the dots and I thought it was wild!

D draw!

I decided I wanted something like Beyond Actvismo had in my website and I thought it’d be better to do that with my hacking skills rather than with my art skills. So I did it and here is kind of my step-by-step guide so you can reproduce it in your home. This was my first try:


I’m not great at drawing, so what I did was get a reference image from the internet and I tried to drawing something alike. I chose this cool drawing by Tara Anand. Tara’s drawing is on the left and mine on the right:


I designed a canvas that allows me to upload a reference image from my computer, that lets me drawing lines on it and also gives me the coordinates of those lines. The code to this canvas can be found here. You can save it as an .html file and run it in your computer!

After contouring my reference image I got all the coordinates I needed from my devtools log:


I edited the coordinates with my fav text editor and created some big integer arrays with them.

I’ve used this lib called p5js that is an implementation in javascript of Processing with this code and that thing up there is what I got!

The more lines you make the more the self-drawing drawing will look like your original draw. p5js offers a lot of different objects and shapes that may fits your drawing best than just using lines like I did.

I decided not to use this drawing as a central piece of my website design because it didn’t click to me as much as I thought it would but I wanted to share it anyway! I still have no clue of where to go from here, if you have some cool tips about design to give me I wanna hear them! Find me on the web and tell me about it.

Processing is a really cool tool and you can get some awesome results out of it. Feel free to use and modify this small tool I created. If you create something cool with it, let me know!