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Hello beings of the universe, 👽🖖

My name is Mariana Meireles[she/her]. I'm not defined by my work, but this is mostly a work related website so that's the reason why it has so many work stuff.

During the week, I mostly write scientific software @QuantStack. Known as software engineer, but I'm a bit of code archeologist, librarian and janitor. I work with C++ and Python most of the time, but I've seen some dark sides of Typescript too. My team and I are all around the Jupyter ecosystem and we're a consultancy, so if you're interested in our work, feel free to get in touch! ✨

About my cyber-tech side: I'm interested in Rust and the design choices made in the language. I'm also curious about deeplearning things and spend part of my free time looking into this stuff. I really like to understand things to their last bit, and reverse engineer all of them until they stop being magical monuments. I have an non exhaustive list of WIPs and Wishes.

About my tech-soul side: I'm a person driven by meaning and I find a lot of significance and love in the idea behind open source and the internet and I love to work with it. It deeply resonates with very different aspects of my personality and I have this hope to make the digital world accessible and comfortable for all.

When I'm not writing code I'm (ideally) appreciating nature and my community, working on my awareness, playing music or scribbling.

I'm often traveling and my time zones may vary.

If you're a recruiter looking to get in touch with me please check the requisites and have a sit on the waiting room. I'll come talk to you as soon as I can.




If I triggered your interest and you want to talk to me I'll love it! :) meeting strangers on the internet is my new 2020 acquired hobby.

I'm available for an asynchronous chat here and for a synchronous one here.

If by any chance you're in here because of my tattoo stuff, please use either one of these ^. 🐉 (Also if you're my neighbor! :) Hiii!)

Social injustice fighting


For absurd legal reasons, doctors in Germany are not allowed to post factual information on abortions on their websites. Other websites are allowed to post this information, though. Frag Den Staat is currently providing resources on the subject in German, English and Turkish.

If you read this section and were wondering “why the hell, this is not what I’m here for?”: you are entirely correct, but as this information is not allowed to be published where it belongs, it stays here in protest.

I may expand this section in the future.


Here for an updated list of my talks (auf Portugiesisch und Englisch)

⚠️ Watch these talks at your own risk, I never watched them after recorded them, so I have no idea how they turned.

Licensing: all of the stuff that's here and doesn't have a license has no license, go wild.