𝕡 𝕤 𝕪 𝕔 𝕙 𝕠 𝕟 𝕒 𝕦 𝕥 𝕘 𝕚 𝕣 𝕝

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Hello beings of the universe,

My name is Mariana Meireles[she/her]. Welcome to my professional website with sprinkles of personal me.

I mostly write scientific software @QuantStack. I'm a software developer, but often a software archeologist and code janitor too. I work with C++ and Python most of the time, but Typescript shows up quite a bit in my day to day. I'm also a Jupyter distinguished contributor, and a member of the Jupyter Widgets steering council.

Some geeky things I enjoy are: Rust because I think it's a really smart language, doing art with code (specially when using deeplearning) and debugging and solving computer puzzles. I have an non exhaustive list of WIPs and Wishes.

I'm driven by meaning and I find a lot of significance and love in libre software and the internet and I love to work with it. The concept of liberating knowledge and nurturing cultural and scientific development deeply resonates with many of my personal goals and working towards making the digital world more accessible and comfortable for all is a very fulfilling mission to me.

If you're a recruiter looking to get in touch with me please check the requisites and have a sit on the waiting room. I'll come talk to you as soon as I can.

Feel free to look around.



    * Medium (professional articles)


I'm in these places, but really, just send me an email or better yet, let's meet IRL!

I'm available for an asynchronous chat here mariana@psychonautgirl.space and for a synchronous one here.


I found out the way I learn the best is by having the support of a community. Do you want to learn something together? Just shoot me a message with your availability and what you'd like to tackle together.


Link for an updated list of my talks, you can also find other useful resources here. (auf Portugiesisch und Englisch)

Social injustice fighting

How can you make a difference?


For absurd legal reasons, doctors in Germany are not allowed to post factual information on abortions on their websites. Other websites are allowed to post this information, though. Frag Den Staat is currently providing resources on the subject in German, English and Turkish.

Be excelent to each other.